One Simple Solution, Two Secure Options

Choose between cloud or hybrid deployments.

Egnyte’s flexible architecture

Designed to fit within any digital environment, we meet the needs of both users and IT, regardless of whether files are stored on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Improve business agility and cost efficiency while increasing security, removing vendor lock-in and maintaining data regulation compliance.

Cost efficient cloud deployments with in-house security and single repository


Universal control, without the hardware

Avoid the complexity of managing costly infrastructure and experience in-house security with cloud flexibility. Deploy in minutes for simple content editing, sharing, and collaborating on any device. Cloud deployments are ideal for replacing multiple data silos with a simple single repository.

Hybrid solution with on-premises performance and cloud flexibility


Cloud flexibility with on-premises performance

Extend cloud content to the edge for the highest performance - even when sharing large files between locations with slow or inconsistent connectivity. Deploy on any virtualized server or directly embed on select storage appliances to create a centralized cloud repository.

Integrate with storage infrastructure

Not only will Egnyte deploy seamlessly with cloud storage services, including AWS, Azure and more, but it will also replace Windows file servers. Maintaining user satisfaction, preserving past investments, and always optimizing performance.

Keep work flowing freely

Integrate with a wide range of applications to stay productive without changing workflow. From industry-specific apps like Bluebeam and Raken to popular tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Facebook Workday, Egnyte works with them all.

Control on-premises and cloud files

From the centralized control panel, administrators are able to provision internal and external users, enforce account-wide policies, manage permissions, control authentication and a whole lot more.

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