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Cocoon Homecare
We needed a HIPAA compliant solution that did not require a team of expensive consultants to come in and build a file sharing solution, and Egnyte checked all the required boxes for us. The convenience of the cloud with HIPAA compliance made Egnyte an easy choice for us. Avi Rosenholtz, CTO Cocoon Homecare

Cocoon Homecare

The Homecare Startup

Cocoon Homecare launched as an ambitious homecare start up offering a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP. CDPAP helps Medicaid recipients regain control of their own home health needs and allows Medicaid consumers to self-direct their own home health care, giving them control of recruiting, hiring, and training of their own personal assistants. With Cocoon Homecare’s services, all client home healthcare needs can be addressed by trusted caregivers. Cocoon clients get to choose a family member, friend, or neighbor as their caregiver. In turn, clients feel safe, comfortable, and cared for in their own home.

Headquartered in Ozone Park, NY, the Cocoon mission is to empower clients by giving them the ability to control and direct their own care. Cocoon recognizes the importance of clients remaining independent and that cultural needs and family values are important factors in how their clients choose home care.

As with any startup, Cocoon needed to build an information technology infrastructure that allowed the young company, with mobile employees, to share files and data from the office, while remote, and when working personally with clients and their sensitive health data. All while conforming to the data handling regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Another important goal was to find a smart content collaboration platform that easily integrated with Salesforce, their choice of CRM.

The Solution

Cocoon Homecare CTO Avi Rosenholtz, part of the founding team at Cocoon, needed to build their IT infrastructure quickly. The startup was growing fast and needed to define and integrate the necessary components in their information technology stack. With no legacy systems or hardware in place, highly scalable SaaS and cloud solutions represented an ideal approach.

But HIPAA compliance is no easy matter, so Avi and his technical team researched the available content platforms that enable a HIPAA-compliant digital workflow. Multiple solutions were researched and thoroughly tested. And Cocoon Homecare chose Egnyte Connect.

Cocoon Homecare deployed Egnyte Connect with these benefits and features:

Salesforce Application Integration: All files in Cocoon’s Salesforce records live in the Egnyte Connect folder hierarchy and can easily be accessed from either Salesforce or Egnyte Connect. The same object hierarchy in Salesforce is mirrored and synchronized within Egnyte, meaning Contacts, Opportunities, and any other Salesforce object has its own folder structure in Egnyte. Also, the Egnyte folders for each Salesforce record can be conveniently accessed in the Egnyte widget embedded within the Salesforce record to enable a digital workflow. The account executive can easily find sample content in a previous opportunity and adapt it to her needs using the Egnyte widget and without ever leaving the SFDC user interface . All this is done without leaving Salesforce. Or, if she has a copy on her Windows or Mac laptop, she can drag and drop the presentation to the relevant Egnyte folder in Salesforce and begin editing the presentation. She can then collaborate with her team, using the Egnyte comment feature. Tagging her team members alerts them with an email notification. The team can log into Salesforce and simultaneously edit the doc in Office Online. Also useful is the ability to sync documents to laptops or mobile devices, which means easy offline access and offline editing. The edits can then be securely synced when that device reconnects to the network.

HIPAA Compliance: Cocoon Homecare is a Covered Entity and is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Egnyte is HIPAA compliant and understands the importance of the confidentiality, privacy, and security of an individual’s Protected Health Information (PHI) and supports and helps Cocoon Homecare remain HIPAA compliant. Egnyte is also a Business Associate capable of entering into a Business Associate Agreement.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration: The Egnyte Connect integration with Office 365 enables Cocoon Homecare employees to edit Office files and automatically sync those edits in Egnyte, as well as non-Office files using Egnyte Webedit, all from one Egnyte folder. And with co-authoring, project teams at Cocoon can edit the same file at once, securely collaborating in real time with all changes saved back to Egnyte. With mobile access, users can also access and edit Egnyte files from native Office Mobile Apps.

The Rewards

Cocoon Homecare’s rapid growth is testament to their well-reasoned approach to integrating best in class solutions like Salesforce and Office 365 with Egnyte Connect. The tech team early on identified that the requirements of HIPAA compliance with strong centralized control and management of corporate data, along with a goal of using Salesforce as a foundation of all interactions with clients, were met with the choice of Egnyte Connect.

An unexpected outcome for Cocoon’s IT team is that the corporate growth of Egnyte instills confidence that they made the right choice in technology. Cocoon’s IT team sends in feature requests to the Egnyte technical team through Egnyte Connect and enjoys the quick responses from Egnyte asking for more insight into the feature requests.

Additionally, CTO Avi Rosenholtz comments that “the customer support we’ve received has been amazing. Outsourcing content management of extremely sensitive healthcare information is an anxious undertaking for any company in healthcare, but the responsive customer support and advice we got from Egnyte constantly assures us that we chose the right solution.”

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