Success Story

“Egnyte is now the standard file sharing solution across all our companies and IT environments and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. While we are still rolling out the solution worldwide, for every new corporate acquisition we present Egnyte as the only platform we integrate for content collaboration.”

Johan Frick IT Manager

Setting the Worldwide Standard for Content Collaboration

Global Solutions for Energy Efficiency

The NIBE Group has been a leader for more than 60 years as a global energy organization focused on three main business areas: Climate Solutions, Elements, and Stoves. The company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of interior climate comfort products under more than 70 brand names and is committed to creating world-class solutions in sustainable energy.

With headquarters in Markaryd, Sweden, NIBE has undergone enormous expansion in the last few decades, acquiring more than 50 companies worldwide, including its recent largest acquisition to date of Climate Control Group in North America. NIBE has over 13,500 employees in five continents, with sales in 2016 exceeding US$1.7B, and offices and production plants in 18 countries.

Keeping Pace with Acceleration

Not only does NIBE have a direct global reach, the company also produces a large spectrum of energy solutions, including components and heating elements for its customers, subsidiaries and partners worldwide. As expected, with enormous growth comes greater complexities and IT infrastructure is pivotal to NIBE’s operational evolution and efficiency. The IT team needed solutions to adapt to a growing global employee base, as well as a diverse array of locations and offices without a unified IT environment. In particular, certain users and employees at NIBE, including marketing and over 250 board members at more than 100 subsidiaries, were keen to find a better way to collaborate and share content securely.

With almost ten-fold employee growth in the last decade, monumental increases in data production were another key reason to identify an enterprise file sharing solution. There were many instances of insecure file sharing, such as transferring files with thumb drives, and increased problems with VPN access and difficulty moving and sharing large files. Other solutions like Dropbox and Box were not adequate to meet the growing enterprise demands to access content in multiple ways and locations, and NIBE needed a solution with content availability from mobile devices and local storage sync functionality.

NIBE was faced with procuring a solution to meet various requirements, with a wide variety of considerations including use of LDAP directories integration of Microsoft applications, and ensuring different levels of security with options for file collaboration across a wide variety of user needs.

Solar Panels

“The marketing department at NIBE have worked with Egnyte over the last several years. The Egnyte solution has facilitated and streamlined sharing materials with our subsidiary companies and created efficiency across all our marketing operations.”

Magnus AxelssonMarket Communications Manager

The Solution

As NIBE evaluated more than 15 leading solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration, the IT team also recognized the possibility of mitigating redundancy in the existing environment, wanting not only to eliminate workaround fixes like Dropbox, but also move away from SharePoint to make way for a more secure and robust solution interface. NIBE underwent a Proof of Concept with Egnyte, testing a few users for a month which gave the IT team an opportunity to preview the robust functionality, and sealed the deal for NIBE to rollout an Egnyte solution across the company, starting first with marketing teams.

NIBE engaged Egnyte professional services in the initial scope of the deployment, and the IT team had the solution up and running within a week with seamless deployment. Egnyte Connect enables users to share content easily and attachments within email can be saved directly to Egnyte folders. Egnyte mobile apps are deployed on iPads for board members to access shared company files, regardless if they are stored in the cloud or on premises. Files can be shared using Web links or shared folders, and the IT team has capability to set password protection and folder permissions for sensitive content, all within a centralized environment.

Egnyte Storage Connect allows secure access to files stored behind the firewall, and all user authentication and permissions are maintained without additional cost to transition data migration to the cloud. Whether board members, lawyers or accountants are accessing sensitive content from a desktop or mobile device, protection is ensured of confidential documents, especially important to acquisition activities at NIBE.

NIBE also uses Egnyte Desktop Sync to allow users to create files on their computers, sync to the cloud, and then access content from any device for sharing and collaboration. Even if users are not connected to the Internet, any changes made in files will appear in the cloud once the user is back online. Egnyte’s auditing measures ensure that all file actions performed in the RDS instances are recorded. This was lacking before Egnyte was implemented.

Egnyte met key requirements and provided the following benefits for NIBE:

Secure File Sharing: Egnyte provided a greater level of security than other internal solutions provided in the past, and allowed the elimination of shadow IT across the company. The IT team can now limit access to highly confidential files and assure board members that no one is printing or downloading files who should not have access. Granular auditing and control have ensured more secure content across all of NIBE and the IT team has full system visibility in a single, integrated dashboard. Egnyte is a trusted solutions provider and is positioned to meet requirements of GDPR by next year.

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility: NIBE employees can now obtain company content from anywhere without a VPN and from any type of device. All board members use iPads and other mobile devices and can easily access content from anywhere. Users now collaborate across continents and subsidiaries, and operations such as marketing are streamlined company-wide. Content is shared among employees and subsidiaries, and folder access is given to external vendors and partners in a seamless environment.

Flexible Content Availability: The ability to backup and cache large files locally was a game changer for NIBE. Egnyte allows NIBE to provide an extensible solution for files, with a local backup. Users can share content from within applications, such as Microsoft Office and in the future with DocuSign. Egnyte Storage Sync and Egnyte Desktop Sync allow employees who travel frequently to have local access, as well as give other users flexibility for storing larger files locally, with synchronization to the cloud.

The Rewards

Since deploying Egnyte, NIBE has been able to meet the diverse content sharing and collaboration requirements across a wide variety of employees, locations and external users. NIBE has published user guides and users are quickly able to get up and running on Egnyte, receiving rave reviews for the intuitive interface.

The marketing team immediately had positive feedback, effortlessly sharing large files back and forth among team members and integrating Egnyte from Microsoft Office applications. Subsidiaries and new acquisition companies are pleased to tap into a corporate-wide standardized solution, more often than not replacing Box and Dropbox, and IT teams are able to set permissions and eliminate problems of shadow IT out of the gate.

Secure collaboration and sharing are now a reality for NIBE and additional deployment options such as multi-factor authentication provide greater security across all devices. While employees previously had issues with uploading files and often would wait until they had VPN access to perform certain content sharing functions, Egnyte now enables users to securely access files behind the firewall, an important feature especially for NIBE board members.

Subsidiary companies at NIBE can share drawings and product folders without additional IT support. Shutting down SharePoint also led to a dramatic decrease in IT support calls, freeing up the IT team and ensuring secure sharing and collaboration. Other users have taken advantage of DocuSign application integration and the company anticipates more users taking advantage of Egnyte application integration as the deployment matures.

NIBE will soon evaluate Egnyte Protect as a possible replacement for more powerful content governance. Overall, NIBE is well poised with Egnyte for future expansion and equipped to meet enterprise content sharing and governance requirements.