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Thumbnail of Maximize Your Content Security Infographic

Maximize Your Content Security

It’s becoming more difficult to keep your content secure, and the cost of data breaches continues to grow. As hackers get smarter, businesses also need to get smarter. Check out these secure file-sharing tips to keep your content safe.

Thumbnail of How well do you know your employees Infographic

How well do you know your employees?

One of the most valuable business assets a company has today is its data. The problem is that most companies don’t know how to structure their information and then effectively leverage it to benefit their organizations and their customers.

Thumbnail of Construction & the New Tech Tool Infographic

Construction & the New Tech Tool Belt

The most successful construction companies in the world embrace tech innovation. We looked at the data from our 10 largest construction customers and here’s what we learned.

Secure File Sharing icon

Secure File Sharing

Not waiting for IT to adopt services? This is a common problem that can have far-reaching consequences. Find out how to start embracing, not fearing, Shadow IT and empowering users to securely access and share information to get work done.

Bring Your Own Device icon

Bring Your Own Device

Will 2014 be remembered as the year the enterprise went mobile? Find out what’s driving this change and what you need to know to make the most of it.

Construction & Engineering icon

File Sharing for Construction & Engineering

Learn how the top 1500 Construction companies are managing, sharing and accessing files. See how companies are going green, staying connected (even when there is no Internet connection) and collaborating.

Hybrid Online File Sharing icon

Hybrid Online File Sharing

See how a hybrid approach to file sharing, which allows IT to leverage the benefits of the cloud, while retaining control over sensitive data on premises, may be the best approach for you.