Centralized Administration

Manage User Accounts, Access Rights and Folder Permissions

Egnyte HybridCloud provides numerous powerful administrative features to help businesses implement and manage user accounts to ensure the safety of their data. Administrators can create accounts for their employees and business partners (customers, suppliers, etc.), manage access rights and create shared folders to enable collaboration between users.

Two Types of Users: Power Users & Standard Users

Egnyte provides two distinct classes of users: Power Users and Standard Users. Power Users are employees of the company and have access to the full range of features offered by Egnyte. Power Users can access files using web browser, desktop mapped drive, FTP* client, or mobile device. For fast local access and offline access to files, Power Users can utilize Personal Local Cloud which provides a local copy of their business files through desktop sync.

To enable collaboration with business partners and clients, Egnyte offers administrators the ability to create Standard Users. Standard Users are reserved for business partners and have access to shared folders through the web browser and mobile devices.

(Power Users)
Business Partners
(Standard Users)

Web Access

Upload and download files from Egnyte folders using a Web browser

Mobile Access

File transfer and collaboration using Egnyte's mobile apps

Desktop Access

Access Egnyte as a mapped drive on the user's desktop ("My Computer" in Windows, "Finder" on Mac)

FTP Access

Transfer files larger than 1GB securely using your favorite FTP client

Send Files as Links

Provide public hyperlinks to files without the need to create users. Set expiration on links.

AD, LDAP and SSO Authentication

Enterprise-caliber security integration with directory services, Single Sign On and and encryption services to protect your files.

File Backup

Protect users' computers via continuous backup. Instantly access backed up data from the web

Personal Local Cloud

A local copy of business files on your computer for fast local access using desktop sync.

Office Local Cloud /
Enterprise Local Cloud

A local copy of business files on your computer for fast local access using desktop sync.

  • Each Employee license includes 1 free Business Partner license
  • Additional Employee licenses can be added in increments of 5 from within the Account Settings page of your Egnyte account
  • You can add and remove users at any time within your Egnyte account

Administrative Controls

Administrators can create user accounts, modify passwords and deactivate user accounts as needed (e.g. when an employee leaves the company). Administrators can also assign and revoke permissions on folders.

Egnyte also lets administrators bring together Power Users and Standard Users into Groups. Administrators can establish groups based on project or department and use folder permissions to quickly and easily build out access rights for large collaborative efforts.

Egnyte provides several administrative controls to establish policies and administer users on the Cloud File Server.

  • File Version Policy - Set up how many versions of files are stored in the cloud. Older versions will be automatically moved to trash.
  • Trash Retention Policy - Egnyte holds all deleted files in a Trash folder from which they can be restored by the administrator.  Administrators can decide how long files are retained in a trash folder before they are permanently deleted.
  • Users & Groups - Specify whether Power Users can view other users in the system or can create additional Standard Users.
  • Link Controls - Control which types of users can create links to files and folders, as well as define the default expiration policy of those links.
  • Shared Folder Notifications - As new files are added or as existing files change, Egnyte automatically notifies each user that has access to those files. Administrators can control who receives the notifications, as well as the frequency at which these notifications are sent out.
  • Advanced Authentication - The Advanced Authentication bundle provides administrators with additional control and security over user login and password management. Learn more
  • Device Control - The Device Control bundle provides IT with a centralized dashboard to view and manage all employee devices. Learn more

Administrative Reports & Audits

Egnyte Audit Reporting helps businesses understand usage and monitor activity. Egnyte offers administrators a wide range of reporting tools through the web interface to provide complete visibility of their account.

  • File Server Size Report – see how much storage is being utilized in your account
  • Folder Size Report – see how much space is being used in each folder
  • Link Summary Report – view and manage all file links
  • Local Cloud Status Report – monitor Local Cloud usage of every user
  • Lock Summary Report – see what files and folders are actively locked
  • User Permission Report – view all users and corresponding folder permissions
  • File Audit Report – generate complete audit trails of all file activities
  • Login Audit Report – monitor login history of all users based on source and time
  • Permission Audit Report – View the permission history of any folder; displaying detailed information on how the permission structure has changed, who changed it, and when the change took place.

Authentication Integration

IT administrators know that the first line of defense for data security is user authentication. Egnyte enables user authentication and permission enforcement at every access point, ensuring that only users with the right credentials can access the account. For organizations with Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication, Egnyte integrates with VMware Horizon, OneLogin, Symplified, and Okta. SAML 2.0 compliance enables integration with SSO solutions that utilize this standard. Egnyte also enables directory service integration with Active Directory and LDAP for centralized authentication management behind the firewall.

* Office Plan and higher, Employee licenses (Power Users) only