File Transfer and FTP

Scalable File and Folder Transfer

How easy is it to transfer a 100 MB presentation folder to your clients? What about a 10 GB media file to your creative agency? You can split up files into multiple email attachments, deliver an external hard drive, or set up an FTP server — every choice, equally painful.

Egnyte provides a simple solution for transferring large files and folders. No more worrying about email file size limitations or setting up complicated FTP servers. You can securely and reliably transfer files between coworkers, clients and business partners.

Desktop File Transfer

Using Egnyte Desktop Sync or Map Drive, you can transfer and manage files directly from your desktop. Easily upload files and folders by moving or copying them from your hard drive to a folder in your company’s Shared folder. These tools can help you seamlessly sync files to the Egnyte Cloud File Server or other storage devices to enable your colleagues or business partners to access them from any location.

Web Browser File Transfer

Do you prefer working from the Egnyte Web UI, instead of from your Desktop? Uploading files is as easy as dragging and dropping the file from your computer into a Web browser. Need to upload entire folders? Use the Java Uploader and select which folders you want to upload. Those folders are automatically copied and instantly available online.

Large File Transfer with FTP

Do you need to transfer extremely large files but don't want to set up and maintain FTP servers? The Egnyte Cloud File Server can double as your FTP server, and supports secure SFTP, FTPS, and FTPES protocols. By using your favorite FTP client, simply log in to your Egnyte account and securely and quickly transfer files to your coworkers or clients. Plus, all your folder permissions are strictly enforced so security and privacy never become an issue.