We've got EU covered

Comprehensive GDPR Compliance Solution for all EU Countries

Simple, Adaptable, Comprehensive, Compliance

Simple in that we can be up and running in no time, adaptable thanks to our European data center, and comprehensive in that we’re the only solution able to classify key data in all 28 EU countries.

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Secure Content Collaboration with GDPR
Secure content collaboration

Better file access, sharing, and management throughout the organization. Enhance digital collaboration without sacrificing security or control.

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Data Governance Solution with GDPR
Proactive data governance

Easily find, sort and secure the personal information of customers and employees - wherever their data is stored.

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GDPR Solution using Enterprise Grade Security
Total data security

Use encryption to mitigate risks associated with the processing of sensitive data.

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How We Support GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance Features with Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts

Notifications allow administrators to see when files are accessed without authorization; helping report any breaches within the 72-hour GDPR notification period.

Comprehensive compliance support

Comprehensive compliance

Egnyte recognizes personal data identifiers from every EU country and keeps software, tools, servers and apps constantly updated to support GDPR compliance.

Simple SaaS solution

Simple SaaS solution

Avoid lengthy downtime and costly hardware upgrades with our easy on-boarding and fast, simple deployment. Be up and running in hours instead of weeks or months.

Easily Find and Process Personal Data

Right to be forgotten

Categorize personal information stored on any cloud or on-premise repository; making it easy to locate and process specific data if requested by an EU resident.

GDPR compliance with Centralized Control and Security

Centralized control & security

Know what personal data you have, where it’s located, and who has access at all times. Ensure it’s security with persistent encryption during access, at rest, and in transit.

GDPR solution with Data residency support

Data residency

Egnyte supports multiple domains for those with strict data residency requirements. Keep sensitive data in the EU without limiting access from anywhere in the world.

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