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Save Time, Money, Paper, and Hassles

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Time is Money

Streamline project management Project Managers, mobile workers, and contractors want to continually improve productivity and avoid penalties for late completion. Egnyte Connect helps solve these pain points by providing seamless access to files on the job site and on the go. Egnyte Connect even offers Advanced Templating to quickly duplicate project workflows, saving countless hours when starting new projects. Distributed teams collaborate better and managers can easily and securely oversee project bids from their devices using Egnyte for DocuSign® and other industry-specific tools.

No Internet, No Problem

Synchronize information instantly. Access large files remotely. At a jobsite, it’s not uncommon to have a spotty Internet connection or no connection at all. With Egnyte Connect's Storage Sync, construction teams get the most up-to-date blueprints and critical files in seconds, regardless of connectivity, by syncing files across both the cloud and on-premises storage, such as a NAS device on the job site. Egnyte Connect’s real-time sync and file version control enable better blueprint management and agile design processes.

Go Mobile, Go Green

Boost productivity and eliminate wasted paper. Construction teams need to access and work on CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts, and other large digital files at any time and on any mobile device. Egnyte Connect helps save on paper, time, and money by integrating with AEC-focused mobile apps, such as Bluebeam, PlanGrid®, SmartUse and FotoIn, to give project teams fast, easy access to large files and drawing sets—even when bandwidth is limited at remote sites.

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Always in Control

Authorize, monitor, and audit, Egnyte Connect helps construction companies maximize security and protect files to ensure business integrity. With Egnyte Connect’s SSO (Single Sign-On), Active Directory and group management, IT leaders can easily set up and change permissions per project or as needed. Only Egnyte Connect’s secure, hybrid cloud architecture can enforce folder and subfolder permissions and provide audit reporting across 100% of a company’s files.

Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beatty had tried other solutions before Egnyte Connect, but without success. With this solution we now have a rock-solid digital documentation process with a smart collaboration solution across our entire organization. We are now able to embrace the next level in the digital realm to create value and efficiency for our team and our clients. Greg Dasher, Director of Technology and Innovation Balfour Beatty US

Unlike point solutions, Egnyte Connect's flexible deployment models solve enterprise issues around file sensitivity, file size, bandwidth constraints, and multiple types of users - all while leveraging existing infrastructure, folder structures and permissions.

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