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Secure, Compliant File Sharing and Collaboration

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Secure, file sharing and collaboration for financial services

The financial services and banking industries play a critical role in the economy, and the sensitive data they manage require the highest standards for digital storage security. Whether it's SEC oversight, FINRA compliance or Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, maintaining tight control and visibility over financial data is absolutely critical.

Egnyte Connect empowers financial service organizations among securities, brokerage, investment or wealth management to:

  • Secure sensitive financial information to meet regulatory requirements
  • Improve users’ productivity and workflows through centralized file access
  • Enable faster, secure collaboration and file sharing to all your finance teams

Keep your most confidential, financial data on premises

Remote file access is a necessity for many financial service employees, but access outside the firewall using traditional VPN systems can be cumbersome and unreliable, especially via mobile devices. Egnyte Connect solves that problem by offering secure remote file access with enforced user authentication and folder permissions to ensure access is restricted to authorized users only. No matter what location, device or application finance employees use, company specific authentication policies are enforced. Whether you choose cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment, Egnyte Connect provides end-to-end security at multiple levels.

Secure Compliant Collaboration

All financial service organizations need a secure and reliable way to share confidential and sensitive documents such as customer activity reports and cash flow statements. Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP and USB drive are wrought with security problems, and often run the risk of violating strict SEC regulations. Egnyte Connect offers finance organizations a highly secure and compliant solution to share financial files of any type and size. Through permission-based shared folders and protected file links, True North Advisors can safely share financial documents across internal users, clients and vendors. Additionally, Egnyte Connect’s Smart Reporting and Auditing provides the ability to monitor system access and file sharing permissions at a granular level for both on-premises and cloud storage, and for internal and external users.

Seamless integration with finance applications

Egnyte Connect is an innovative platform complemented by a vibrant ecosystem of productivity applications. For instance, with our DocuSign integration, electronic signatures can be used for the seemingly endless documents, while keeping them all secure within Egnyte Connect. Similarly, a client may need to have a signed document explaining an exception on a credit report. Email is not the best method of transfer since this is a sensitive subject, so the customer can securely upload a Microsoft Office or other file types directly on Egnyte Connect. Once there, the file can be converted to PDF and signed via DocuSign to quickly close an agreement. These types of integrations not only increase security, but also improve productivity and flexibility.

Secure Universal Access

Balancing the security requirements placed on financial services firms with the business needs for anywhere flexibility is easy with Egnyte Connect. With Egnyte Connect, a financial consultant is able to meet with clients at their homes and still access and edit the myriad of documents required to keep the process moving forward, just as if they were in the office. What’s more? Updates made at the client’s home are automatically available to other members of the team, whether they are in the office on a PC, or on the road using a tablet.

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