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Connecting Global Teams

Your distributed teams require simple, high-performance ways to access, share, and collaborate on content to stay ahead of the competition. IT is mandated with protecting and securing business-critical data. Egnyte Connect's next generation file sync and share solution combines the security and performance of on-premises file systems with on-demand simplicity of cloud services to uniquely meet these demands. Sciforma, for example, replaced its complex system of distributed Windows file servers, backup tools and FTP servers with a new unified file management solution from Egnyte.

Scalable Global Collaboration

You're headquartered in San Francisco but have many R&D centers, manufacturing vendors, and sales offices around the world. How do you instantly share files across all of those locations? By using shared folders and Web links, Egnyte Connect allows businesses to securely collaborate with any number of internal and external recipients. Global information technology companies, such as Aerohive Networks, use Egnyte Connect's powerful file sharing to reach all team members around the world.

Mobile Workforce

Work has been transformed from a place you go to a thing you do. Accessing files no longer requires an office and desktop. Egnyte Connect’s online file sharing apps allow your employees and contractors easily access content from anywhere, with any smartphone, tablet or Web browser.

Intellectual Property and Privacy Protection

Egnyte Connect’s unique content-aware sync and share capabilities helps information technology (IT) companies authorize, monitor, and audit content access to maximize security, protect files, and ensure regulatory compliance. With Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory and group management, IT leaders can easily set up and change permissions per project or as needed. Only Egnyte Connect’s secure, hybrid cloud architecture can enforce folder and subfolder permissions and provide audit reporting across 100% of a company’s files.

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We looked at all the companies in the space: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, and found that Egnyte's UI was the sexiest; the product was the easiest to use - the employees liked it and naturally engaged on it. Justin Silva, Director of IT AppDynamics

Unlike point solutions, Egnyte Connect's flexible deployment models solve enterprise issues around file sensitivity, file size, bandwidth constraints, and multiple types of users - all while leveraging existing infrastructure, folder structures and permissions.

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