Egnyte for Life Sciences

High volume data management. High performance. High security.

Data quantity and quality

Medicine and medical device development has drastically changed. Collaborating on and handling extremely large amounts of data has become standard operating procedure. Egnyte’s secure cloud-based infrastructure supports both your collaboration and data management needs.

Growth? No problem.

To produce just one drug requires a massive amount of scientific data and analysis from diverse sources.

With Egnyte, this data can seamlessly and securely flow in and out of your organization, as you work with collaborators to solve today’s major medical problems.

As the business scales, as the data increases, as your collaborators multiply, Egnyte is designed to build with you.

Visibility. Control. Compliance.

Life sciences organizations need to comply with ever-changing data regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, and more.

Egnyte helps global companies meet compliance and privacy requirements by ensuring that the right users within your org, CROs and CMOs, have access to the right files, and alerting you of unusual behavior in real time, so scientists can focus on delivering world class research in a secure environment.

Workflow. Centralized.

Streamlining the research process helps to quickly identify inflection points in your data and bring medicines to market faster.

Egnyte improves workflow by ensuring you have easy, secure access to large sequencing and imaging files, as well as flow cytometry data from any location at any time. So scientists are free to analyze all their data and do data-driven science.

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