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File and Information Sharing for Enhanced Retail Operations

Connect Customer Service

In today’s hyper competitive, instant gratification retail world, customer experience dictates brand loyalty. Keeping up-to-date knowledge of every product at the fingertips of every customer service representative allows retailers to engage and delight customers and create loyal, life-long customers. Egnyte Connect provides the data and content control, security, and synchronization that enables every employee to access the information required to service customers anywhere, anytime, get their questions answered, and their carts filled. With Egnyte Connect powering your content strategy, the customer service desk is always open.

Streamline Corporate Operations

Your team is redesigning key in-store experiences globally. How do you instantly share files across all locations to reduce time to revenue for your new store construction? Egnyte Connect allows businesses to securely share files and folders with any number of recipients. Egnyte Connect online content sharing lets your employees and contractors easily access critical files from anywhere, with any smartphone, tablet or web browser. Retailers such as Coach use Egnyte Connect's powerful file sharing to facilitate their global expansion.

Centralized Management

You now have hundreds of employees in various locations accessing thousands of files. How do you ensure only the right user accesses the right folder? Egnyte provides your administrators with a central web console to enforce business and regulatory policies. This centralized administration lets you assign user permissions, change password policies, and monitor all activities. Having full visibility of your employee behaviors ensures the integrity and safety of your company data.

Before finding Egnyte, we were in a constant battle with unreliable internet connection, slow upload speeds, and outdated storage devices. Egnyte has now enabled us to operate in a positively unprecedented fashion, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Chris Primeau, IT Manager FMC Technologies

Need to communicate with employees, vendors and clients across multiple locations? Business services and retailers rely on instant file sharing to send work orders, receipts and pricing across multiple locations. At the same time, employees and contractors need easy mobile file access from any branch or office.

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