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It's more than free bagels on Friday.

Sure, we have ping-pong and bagels and catered lunches, but we also have passion, drive and dedication. From engineering to sales to marketing to human resources and everyone in between, we are all driving towards making content management more secure and more efficient. Want to change the world and have some fun while doing it?

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Employee Voices

"Those people sometimes drive me crazy, but I miss them so bad when I'm out for more than a week... You'd better watch out - Egnyte is addictive."
— UX Design
"Egnyte gives me the ownerships and opportunities to talk to our users frequently and create solutions that meet users' needs."
— Product
“A few of the best things about working at Egnyte can be summed up in 3 words: Teamwork, Challenge, & Excitement.”
— Marketing
"As an employee, I've got my own domain, we call it "Egnyte for life". After 5 years within Egnyte, it's truly become part of my life."
— Engineering

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