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Enterprise Grade Content Governance

Introducing a practical solution for data protection and regulation compliance. Egnyte Protect classifies and secures personal content with ease and alerts admins to unusual data activity across the entire organization. Reduce the risk of a data breach by putting IT in complete control of all company content.

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  • Identify sensitive files and folders and secure their location
  • Control who has access to each file and folder
  • Real-time alerts provide faster time to resolution

“We wanted to make sure our data could be encrypted and our analysis showed Egnyte was the only one ... Egnyte was designed from the ground up to handle enterprise grade files.”

Vimal Thomas, Vice President IT


  • Meet industrial & global regulations, FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR etc.
  • Supports data subject access requests like the Right to be Forgotten
  • Classify sensitive data wherever it’s stored

“Egnyte gave us an opportunity to educate our employees on the importance of security, not only from an operations perspective, but in order to protect our business.”

Jason Reich, Director of Global Security


  • Deploys across multiple cloud and on-premises repositories in no time, providing the fastest time to value in the industry
  • Visualize, inspect and remedy issues from a simple dashboard
  • Choose from multiple regulatory compliance policies or quickly create custom policies

“Egnyte Protect offers IT departments built in analytical insight, scalability, security and control over content in the cloud and on-premises.”

Sean Pike, Program Director, eDiscovery and Information Governance

Egnyte Protect Content Governance Solution

Compliant content governance

Locate sensitive information - like SSN, cc details etc. - and ensure handling procedures meet regulatory compliance.

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Receive Instant Alerts with Real-time Monitoring

Receive instant alerts

Real-time monitoring provides 24 hour data surveillance that instantly notifies admins when policy violations occur.

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Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing for Secure Access and Control

Secure access & control

Increase security and usability by easily identifying and eliminating unnecessary user permissions or unused groups.

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Reduce Insider Threats with Egnyte Protect

Reduce insider threats

Secure all public links for sensitive files and receive alerts to unusual user access or download patterns.

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