Automated Data Retention

For legal and regulatory compliance

Unstructured data stores are growing exponentially

The files that make businesses run are also leading to cluttered file shares and opening companies up to security, legal, and regulatory risk. But simply deleting these files is often not an option. Increasingly, businesses are impacted by regulations that specify which kinds of data must be retained, and for how long.

Managing data, made easy

The average organization has millions of files in unstructured content repositories, making it daunting to define, manage and manually enforce these data retention schedules. Egnyte’s data lifecycle management tools help you comply with these regulations by making it easy to implement retention policies that meet regulatory, contract, and business requirements.

Comply with regulations and contracts

Companies must adhere to data retention schedules mandated by corporate contracts, ongoing litigation, and data use regulations like HIPAA and FINRA.

Egnyte allows you create and apply retention policies based on existing regulations or custom terms and keywords. From there, decide how long to keep which kinds of data and Egnyte will prevent it from being deleted to keep you in compliance.

Minimize risk exposure

Universal retention of all files is no longer a viable workaround for a mature data retention program. Keeping everything forever is not only costly and inefficient, it increases the risk of sensitive data exposure. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can’t be exposed through a breach if you’ve already deleted it in accordance with your retention strategy.

By automatically removing that unneeded content in accordance with policy, you reduce your overall data footprint, limiting the attack surface and lowering your overall risk.

Optimize the data environment

With automated, content-driven retention, files can freely be deleted from everyday usage while the system maintains that data behind-the-scenes for the required period of time. Organizations can declutter the data environment by purging files that aren’t subject to mandatory retention. Companies can also save money by migrating retained data that is never or infrequently accessed into low-cost archives.

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Egnyte helps companies deal with the challenges involved in implementing content retention policies to meet legal, regulatory and business requirements. Content retention is one element of Egnyte’s integrated approach to data governance and data lifecycle management to minimize risk, optimize data, and increase productivity.

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