Data Subject Access Requests

Tackle a challenging GDPR requirement

Responding to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Egnyte simplifies and speeds the process of finding the personal data collected on any individual throughout your organization’s lifetime, decreasing your cost and enabling you to meet the strict deadline requirements.


A person has the right to know what personal data an organization has collected about them. With Egnyte, you can scan cloud and on-premises repositories to identify the requester’s personal data within various files, e.g. files containing passport number, DOB, name references, email address, etc., and notify the requester when this personal data is available and ready to be dispatched if required.

Data portability

A person has the right to request and receive all the personal data that a company has collected on them, and obtain a copy of their personal data. With Egnyte, you can find and sanitize the files to make sure that no one else’s personal information is included, get confirmation that the right data is included, and send machine-readable files to the requester.

Right to be forgotten (RTBF)

A person has the right to request that an organization securely erase any personal data collected about them. Egnyte scans cloud and on-premises repositories to find files containing personally identifiable information (PII). You can then delete or modify the files to comply with RTBF requests. If some of the files are protected by a content retention policy, an IT Admin can override it to delete the relevant personal data within them.

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