Egnyte Storage Sync

High-performance access to your files in a hybrid environment

Egnyte Storage Sync is a hybrid file sharing solution providing high-performance anywhere access so that you can rapidly store, share, and access large and business critical files from anywhere, anytime and with any device. Unlike other hybrid solutions allowing either content to be on-premises or in the cloud, with Storage Sync, two copies of the same file are synced in both your on-premises and cloud storage so you can have fast access to your content when you need it, from wherever you are.

For IT Administrators

Storage Sync is designed to meet your unique needs easily integrating with your existing infrastructure and administrative setup

  • Unified management: Monitor and manage your entire system, including cloud and on-premises storage from a single easy-to-use web UI
  • Network Optimization: Keep sites with limited bandwidth functioning through priority and time-based synchronization
  • Painless expansion: Expand to any of your remote or branch offices with support for ten million files per instance and unlimited instances
Storage Sync Settings
Storage Sync for Business Users

For Business Users

With Storage Sync, we give you the environment you need to collaborate whenever or wherever so you only have to focus on getting your job done.

  • Fast file sharing: Access and send your largest files instantly without being affected by Internet bandwidth
  • Anywhere access: Collaborate on the latest version of the file no matter where you are, or whether you are using your desktop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Seamless workflow: Automatically connect to the optimum storage location based on where you are and what file you are accessing

For business executives

Storage Sync was designed from the ground up for the enterprise and can give you a competitive edge while making a real impact to your bottom line

  • Reduce expenses: Shrink your WAN requirements by keeping large and frequently accessed files at the sites where people use them
  • Ensure business continuity: Have your files available and synced between sites and the cloud regardless of hardware or WAN outages
  • Increase productivity: Overcome the time-intensive challenge of collaborating on large files or at remote sites with minimal bandwidth
Storage Sync for Business Executives
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